Finding the perfect perfume for the bride


Just like a lot of other things in a wedding, perfume for brides adds a distinctive smell and significance on your wedding day. In all honesty, all women love perfume and especially perfume discount for the grand day!

Now that you have been presented with a perfume discount, the big question is whether you should opt for an entirely different smell than the norm or just go with your everyday scent.

Perfumes for bride are plenty and as a bride looking for a new scent, you should always ask yourself whether it will be a one-time affair or will you be wearing the perfume again. Seek to find out whether if it is wise if you spent a good fortune on a designer perfume that you might only wear once or twice.

A perfume and cologne expert advises that the best perfumes for bride tip is finding a scent that you fall in love with. You will wear it even after the wedding day and get your money’s worth!

Versace Yellow Diamond and how to buy a great perfume

Arguably a great perfume for bride. It is a brand that any bride should have in her perfume collection. To make sure that you purchase a fragrance that you love, you have to spray it on your skin and smell it. The perfume and cologne expert explains that on your skin, a great perfume smells stronger.

On paper strips it will not bring out the real scent, however once you spray it on your skin, your body heat helps push the pure scent of any perfume outwards. The other way of knowing that you are buying a perfume for bride that will last is to leave it on your skin for an hour and smell it again afterwards.

Unlike other fragrances, Versace Yellow Diamond initial scent lingers on your skin, and it will be a testimony a few hours after that. You can be rest assured that you will be wearing a designer perfume on your grand day and not only will your looks stun all in attendance but your smell as well.

Planning a Wedding in San Francisco

If you are planning a San Francisco wedding, how do you know which location is best? There are loads of great wedding locations in San Francisco, ranging from wineries to garden locations to amazing museums. The city of San Francisco is a wonderful place to have your wedding ceremony. It’s affordable, convenient and offers friendly weather all year round. For a jaw dropping event that will wow your guests, you should consider these wedding locations San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall

The City Hall in San Francisco is a Beaux-Arts grandeur with an amazingly beautiful rotunda, making it a perfect wedding location. Beautifully designed with marble floors, the City Hall’s center of attraction is the grand staircase, offering an amazing backdrop for weddings. The City Hall is affordable, spacious and convenient, but in order to have a hitch-free San Francisco wedding ceremony, you have to rent out the space.

Bently Reserve

Built in 1924 for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Bently Reserve is home to the prohibition-era glamour. Magnificently designed with Italian marble floors, travertine walls and a beaux-arts front colonnade, the Bently Reserve is a perfect setting for a remarkable San Francisco wedding to impress every of your guests. It can accommodate up to 350 persons at once. The steel staircase in the building makes it possible for couple to make a dramatic entrance into the hall.

Swedenborgian Church – Craftsman Rustic Charm

The Swedenbrgian Church features a craftsman rustic charm and beauty, making your San Francisco wedding an unforgettable one. Built in 1895 by a group of artists and architects, this beautiful place of worship is proclaimed a National Historic Landmark and a perfect wedding location San Francisco. Couples will have to walk past a wood-burning fireplace before getting to the wooden altar. The serene environment and peaceful atmosphere makes this chapel a popular wedding location in San Francisco. The church can accommodate about 115 seated guests

The Legion of Honor

There are plenty of wedding venues in the city offering stunning views. The Legion of Honor is one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco featuring grand and historic architecture. It is a place where weddings are celebrated amongst priceless Rodin sculptures. The venue offers guests the chance to catch amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. The Legion of Honor is considered one of the world’s most romantic wedding venues in the world.

Tips for choosing the best wedding stationary


Wedding season is the time of year that the Post Office sees literally hundreds of thousands of save-the-dates, wedding invitations and RSVP cards. Unfortunately, not all of the invitations and their envelopes are created equal. Some are a little too big, some are a little too small and some have a bit of extra frill that makes them unsuited for the machines at the post office to automatically process. If they can’t be run through the machine, they need to be hand-stamped, which costs a little extra, so take that into your wedding stationary budgeting.


allisonjames1. Keep the inclusions to a minimum. All that is required is an invitation and a card for the guest to return to indicate they will be intending (and even the RSVP cards are negotiable). It’s increasingly common to have all of your wedding details on a wedding website, – and many of those are free!

2. Select standard-sized invitations and envelopes. They can be any color and in any material you prefer, but this size allows them to be run through the machines at a significant savings.

3. Choose an invitation style that lies flat. Any style with a raised detail increases the risk that the envelopes will be too thick and will require extra postage.

4. Before you even think about sealing the envelope and pressing on a wedding-themed stamp, take one complete invitation to your local Post Office. Make sure it’s got everything inside that you plan to send in each envelope. Have it measured and weighed. They’ll be happy to help you, and you’ll save yourself a tremendous amount of heartache.

For more budget tips and help planning a wedding on a small budget, visit Wedding for $1000 (

Have the Jimmy Dale Band perform at your wedding



Looking for the best established music act for your wedding? Jimmy Dale and his band have played over 100 private functions and can be heard on National Radio Stations. They perform regularly at Weddings and for celebrity private events (Martin Sheen, Billy Gardell [“Mike” of Mike & Molly]). They play rock, jazz, reggae, blues, pop & Caribbean cover songs and/or their original jazz and/or reggae tunes.

Check their songlist here:
Client Testimonials & Private Events Listed here:

Booking Contact:
Jimmy Dale
(818) 752-7523

Planning Your Wedding at a Vineyard or Winery

wedding photographers ct
Having a wedding in wine country is the epitome of rustic elegance and there’s really nothing quite like it. What’s not to love about breathtaking scenery, fine wine and exceptional food? These magnificent venues can be found all over the world, from Napa Valley in the U.S. to France’s renowned Chateau d’Alene vineyards. Most the world’s best wineries also offer exclusive bridal packages.

Choosing the Vineyard
When it comes to vineyards, you’ll need to consider the location and its climate. Once you’ve chosen a state/city you’re most interested in holding your wedding, browse through possible options online to help narrow down your options. Winery wedding venues can vary from presenting outdoorsy, rustic décor to more elegant, sophisticated venues, each embracing the settings unique charm.

If at all possible, once you’ve chosen the winery, stop by, tour the grounds and talk to the individuals who will be helping you plan the wedding (most winery’s that hold weddings offer this service). Also an important consideration is that if you plan on getting married on a weekend or during the summer months, be sure to reserve the venue, catering etc., in advance because these dates typically book quickly.

Find out if you can rent necessities from the winery, including china, silverware, stemware, linens, tables, chairs, gazebos, arbors and anything’s you might need. Also, be sure to find out if they have dedicated staff members available to help during the receptions (serving wine, etc.).

The Food
If the winery you are considering has a restaurant, find out what all your options are when it comes to custom menus as well as in-house catering available for rehearsal dinners and weddings. Also, share your wine interests with the winery’s wedding planner. These professionals will also be able to guide you in selecting the perfect wine to pair with the foods you chose for the occasion.

Have Fun with the Invitations and Decor
If your wedding venue is a winery, you can have a great time coming up with the invitations and décor.  Options include special touches like wine label looking wedding invitations, complete with vines finely etched in the stationary, attractive wine bottles for table numbers, mini wine barrels to hold the escort cards, the possibilities are endless. You can think even more out of the box by serving a wedding cake made out of cheese, topping the tables with wine crates brimming with beautiful flowers and more. Other fun considerations include specialty wine labels on the bottles being served at your reception. Most wineries that hold weddings will also add a photo label of the happy couple on wine bottles to be served at the wedding reception or to be presented as gifts.

Hiring a Wedding Photographer
If you’re going through all the effort of planning a wedding at a winery, go the extra mile and hire a professional wedding photographer. They’ll have the experience and expertise to see the photo ops in a variety of settings, both inside and out. Your wedding photographer will see the possibilities in having you walk down vineyard paths, perhaps picking some grapes along the way. Indoor photo opportunities, include taking photos of the happy couple standing in front of wine barrels, making a toast, dancing in the gorgeous main room and everyone enjoying their perfectly paired wine and catered meal. Bottom line, if you want to capture every special moment of your winery wedding, hire a professional CT wedding photographer.

Tips for shopping for an engagement ring

Choosing engagement rings can be difficult. It’s a ring you’ll end up wearing for the rest of your life. It symbolizes love, affection and a lifelong relationship with your partner.

You should take your time while choosing diamond engagement rings. Find one that fits your style – something you can truly love. Most importantly, be sure to find one you can afford within your budget. There are quite a few different styles available to choose from. Even 100% custom made rings can be made specifically for you, although these can sky rocket in price to $10,000 or more.

If shopping online, be sure to order the correct ring size. Making a small mistake of ordering the wrong ring size will obviously cause issues with your order. Ring sizes are standard. It’s not like comparing to different types of shirts labeled as medium, but they fit differently. A size 7 ring compared to another size 7 ring should fit the same.

The average diamond color grade of H and I will give you a near colorless diamond and an average clarity of SI2 will give you slight imperfections – a diamond that sparkles brilliantly.

Most buyers of engagement rings do fall into this category of color and  clarity. Please understand that a 1 carat, flawless diamond is valued and sold for well over $100,000. And that’s simply the diamond by itself. If you have the money or the credit, by all means, do what your heart desires and go flawless.

Sterling Silver’s Jewelry offers a variety of 100% authentic, high valued engagement rings for all budgets at the guaranteed lowest prices we can offer them for. We also offer a full-line of silver, gemstone, gold, diamond and other jewelry pieces – bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, toe rings, anklets, bangles and more.

Should you invest in a wedding planner or do it yourself?

Wedding planning is notoriously complicated. There are a lot of things that need to get done, and depending on how far out your wedding date is, not a lot of time to do it. Even if you’ve given yourself a few years to plan, the time is going to pass quickly, and you’re going to find yourself wanting more time. It’s a (not really) scientific fact. The easy way out seems to be hiring a wedding planner. Before you make the jump, you might want to think about each side of the coin.

Yes, a wedding planner can help you plan your wedding and take care of the little details, but at what cost? You don’t just pay a little bit of money to a wedding planner; it’s actually a decent amount of money. Plus, you still pay for the vendors, favors, catering, etc. Some people seem to think that a wedding caterer is like going to a wholesale store, you get a great deal on a bulk package. While it’s true that a wedding planner has access to some lesser priced vendors, you still have to pay. So why not just do it yourself?

On the other hand, having a DIY wedding you are responsible for your budget. When you go with a wedding planner, you can give them your budget up front and they’ll work meticulously to stay within it. As mentioned, a planner does have access to a large amount of vendors that you may not have known about. They may also have special rates since they deal with vendors so often. When you plan your wedding on your own, it’s like having an additional full time job, only you don’t get paid to do it. In fact, YOU pay to do it.

What it really comes down to is how much control you want and how much time you have available to put into the planning of your wedding. There is no right or wrong answer to whether or not. For more wedding ideas visit

When and How Should I Get Married?

Talk to a few married couples and their stories will all be completely different.

Some will have dated for years and then planned an extravagant wedding months in advance, whereas others will have known each other for just a couple of months and decided to get married one night on a whim.

The perfect time to get married is…

…when you feel it’s right.

Think about the act of getting married in general. Is there a certain formula to know when you love your partner enough to make the leap? No, there really isn’t.

Love is unique in that we understand almost nothing about it. It can’t be measured quantitatively, and anyone who tries to misses out on the true, captivating emotion of it.

Marriage can be spontaneous, or it can be calculated and thought out with extreme detail. It’s all about what type of person you are. Don’t let others in your life dictate when you should pop – or answer – the question. Just do what feels right.

The date is set: big or small?

When trying to determine how big your wedding will be, it’s important to remember who the wedding is for. The wedding isn’t for your family, it’s not for your friends; it’s for you and your spouse.

If you want it to be a day that’s permanently engrained in the memories of your guests, then a big wedding might be right for you. Grandiose food, decorations, and entertainment can match the feeling that you and your spouse have when thinking about marriage.

Maria & Nick are a great example of a real wedding couple who went big. Their wedding at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church had a whopping 350 guests. Read more at Wedding Guide Chicago.

Some people aren’t into big events. In fact, for some people, the thought of talking to distant acquaintances on their big day isn’t appealing in the slightest.

Jan & Claude went this route. Their wedding was classy and memorable, but it only had 20 guests – for every 17 people at Maria & Nick’s, there was only one at Jan & Claude’s. It took place in a small garden with a tight-knit group of people who had known both of them for years. Read more about their wedding or other Chicago wedding couples at our blog.

Different weddings for different types of people. Who would’ve thought?

Really, don’t sweat it

There’s no right or wrong answer to when or how you should get married. The day is about you, and you should do whatever makes you the happiest.

Some couples choose massive, expensive weddings with hundreds of people. Some go the opposite route – in fact, we’ve seen plenty of couples who decided one day to get a marriage certificate and skip the wedding entirely.

Remember – no matter what you do, you’re getting married! The day will be magical no matter what happens. We invite you to read more about the different types of weddings each couple below experienced by taking a peek at our wedding website now.

6 Late Night Reception Snacks

If your reception runs into the wee hours of the morning, make sure the party doesn’t peter out because your guests are out of fuel. Keep them going with some well-timed, high-energy refreshments that will fill them up without slowing them down. Here are some ideas for late-night snacks that will keep the dance floor full.


If your reception is outdoors, or has a patio with a fire pit, a S’more’s bar is a great way to provide a sugar rush for your guests. If you’re feeling especially into Pinterest, make your own marshmallows, flavored with cooking extracts, and go for chocolate graham crackers instead of messing with drippy melted chocolate. Your guests will appreciate the reminder of childhood camping trips and the extra jolt of energy. Just make sure to provide some wet-naps for cleanup.

Mini Corn Dogs

You’ve already had your fancy dinner, so why not go more lowbrow and carnival-fun with some mini corn dogs? You can go full miniature and get the corn dog bites, but we prefer little 4” breaded corn dogs on sticks. Food on a stick is always a decent idea for wedding snacks, since everyone’s already a tad tipsy and wearing formal wear. Provide some ketchup and mustard for dipping, and you’ll have a nice greasy, salty treat that provides energy without the sugar crash.

Soft Pretzels

In keeping with the carnival/movie theater vibe, soft pretzels are another good way to fill up your guest without getting too messy. Don’t forget the bright orange “cheese” to dip them in, and they’re a perfect portion size for a late-night pick-me-up.

Caprese Skewers

If you want to go a little more upscale, but still stay handheld, take the best parts of a caprese salad and make them to-go finger foods. Each bite of goodness consists of a cherry tomato, slice of mozzarella cheese, and a basil leaf skewered on a toothpick, with the whole tray of them drenched in tangy balsamic vinegar. It’s got a little healthy kick, a little cheese to make it filling, and a whole lot of flavor.

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

You’ve already stuffed our guests with wedding cake, but these little dessert bites are a good deal lighter and far more portable. They’re pretty simple–just alternated layers of strawberries, whipped cream, and shortcake, stuck on a shish kebab and presented for consumption. It’s got the refreshing taste of strawberry, plenty of sugar, and a little bit of carb to provide a perfect pick-me-up. There are even companies that sell sparklers for weddings that can be safely used with food so you could plunge one into each kabob and use them like a glorified birthday candle.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cups

You can always count on Paula Deen for filling, country-style snacks, and her mac ‘n’ cheese cups certainly fit the bill. Their Ritz-cracker crust makes them portable and easy to eat. They also have that built-in portion control that works so well for late-night snacks. And there are no utensils or plates involved–your guests can grab one, scarf it down, and be back on the dance floor in less than ten minutes.

Not all weddings go for the late-night snacks, but whenever they do make an appearance, the food’s always a hit with the guests. If you’re asking your guests to stay up past their bedtime dancing, make sure you’re providing the fuel to keep them going.

3 Tips for Brides With Children Wedding Guests!

So you have decided to invite some children wedding attendants to be in your wedding as flower girls, ring bearers or both! Fantastic, children add a very sweet element to every wedding as weddings are truly a celebration of family! Follow these 3 tips to help your little wedding attendants to have a great time and ensure your wedding guests enjoy your wedding too!

First, plan your wedding events at child-friendly times!

For example, if you want to have a candle light service in the summer at dusk, and your little 3 year old flower girl normally goes to bed at 7:30pm but the service starts at about 8:00pm, then consider changing your service time, or not choosing a child quite so young to participate in your wedding! It is simply not fair to your little flower girl to have such a big event taking place after her typical bedtime!

Remember, adults can easily change their sleep schedules for special events, but most children will need to keep their typical sleep schedules to be happy and content!

Second, make sure healthy snacks are available for children!

Once again, as adults, we are able to handle being hungry for a bit and just waiting for the meal to be served, but not children! So for your rehearsal dinner, make sure the restaurant will have a small snack (at least crackers or another snack food) for the little ones so they will not be tired and hungry waiting for the meal to be served!

This also holds true for the wedding! Once again, if you just ask your wedding venue to provide a small kid-friendly snack (or allow you to bring one in) everyone will be much happier!! The kids snack does not have to look make your wedding look cheap – click here to see an example of an attractive wedding snack for kids!

Finally, have something for your child wedding guests to do while the adults are enjoying conversation and toasts!!

Weddings are great fun for adults! We enjoy the decorations, seeing family and friends and just enjoying some down time to celebrate with the bride and groom, but children consider most of that “boring”!

So, adding some quiet table activities for the kids can be a lifesaver! Don’t feel like you need to host a carnival for them – but you need more than crayons and coloring pages (as kids see those items daily)! I recommend you having a few small, quiet toys such as finger puppets, puzzles, sticker sets and more!

At Kids Wedding Fun, we specialize in keeping kids entertained during the wedding reception so they won’t be poking at your cake and sliding on the dance floor! Check out our child wedding favors like our Wedding Table Activity Set for 6 kids that costs just $5 for each child!

Visit for more hints and tips for brides planning a wedding when children will be invited as guests or in the wedding party!