When and How Should I Get Married?

Talk to a few married couples and their stories will all be completely different.

Some will have dated for years and then planned an extravagant wedding months in advance, whereas others will have known each other for just a couple of months and decided to get married one night on a whim.

The perfect time to get married is…

…when you feel it’s right.

Think about the act of getting married in general. Is there a certain formula to know when you love your partner enough to make the leap? No, there really isn’t.

Love is unique in that we understand almost nothing about it. It can’t be measured quantitatively, and anyone who tries to misses out on the true, captivating emotion of it.

Marriage can be spontaneous, or it can be calculated and thought out with extreme detail. It’s all about what type of person you are. Don’t let others in your life dictate when you should pop – or answer – the question. Just do what feels right.

The date is set: big or small?

When trying to determine how big your wedding will be, it’s important to remember who the wedding is for. The wedding isn’t for your family, it’s not for your friends; it’s for you and your spouse.

If you want it to be a day that’s permanently engrained in the memories of your guests, then a big wedding might be right for you. Grandiose food, decorations, and entertainment can match the feeling that you and your spouse have when thinking about marriage.

Maria & Nick are a great example of a real wedding couple who went big. Their wedding at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church had a whopping 350 guests. Read more at Wedding Guide Chicago.

Some people aren’t into big events. In fact, for some people, the thought of talking to distant acquaintances on their big day isn’t appealing in the slightest.

Jan & Claude went this route. Their wedding was classy and memorable, but it only had 20 guests – for every 17 people at Maria & Nick’s, there was only one at Jan & Claude’s. It took place in a small garden with a tight-knit group of people who had known both of them for years. Read more about their wedding or other Chicago wedding couples at our blog.

Different weddings for different types of people. Who would’ve thought?

Really, don’t sweat it

There’s no right or wrong answer to when or how you should get married. The day is about you, and you should do whatever makes you the happiest.

Some couples choose massive, expensive weddings with hundreds of people. Some go the opposite route – in fact, we’ve seen plenty of couples who decided one day to get a marriage certificate and skip the wedding entirely.

Remember – no matter what you do, you’re getting married! The day will be magical no matter what happens. We invite you to read more about the different types of weddings each couple below experienced by taking a peek at our wedding website now.

6 Late Night Reception Snacks

If your reception runs into the wee hours of the morning, make sure the party doesn’t peter out because your guests are out of fuel. Keep them going with some well-timed, high-energy refreshments that will fill them up without slowing them down. Here are some ideas for late-night snacks that will keep the dance floor full.


If your reception is outdoors, or has a patio with a fire pit, a S’more’s bar is a great way to provide a sugar rush for your guests. If you’re feeling especially into Pinterest, make your own marshmallows, flavored with cooking extracts, and go for chocolate graham crackers instead of messing with drippy melted chocolate. Your guests will appreciate the reminder of childhood camping trips and the extra jolt of energy. Just make sure to provide some wet-naps for cleanup.

Mini Corn Dogs

You’ve already had your fancy dinner, so why not go more lowbrow and carnival-fun with some mini corn dogs? You can go full miniature and get the corn dog bites, but we prefer little 4” breaded corn dogs on sticks. Food on a stick is always a decent idea for wedding snacks, since everyone’s already a tad tipsy and wearing formal wear. Provide some ketchup and mustard for dipping, and you’ll have a nice greasy, salty treat that provides energy without the sugar crash.

Soft Pretzels

In keeping with the carnival/movie theater vibe, soft pretzels are another good way to fill up your guest without getting too messy. Don’t forget the bright orange “cheese” to dip them in, and they’re a perfect portion size for a late-night pick-me-up.

Caprese Skewers

If you want to go a little more upscale, but still stay handheld, take the best parts of a caprese salad and make them to-go finger foods. Each bite of goodness consists of a cherry tomato, slice of mozzarella cheese, and a basil leaf skewered on a toothpick, with the whole tray of them drenched in tangy balsamic vinegar. It’s got a little healthy kick, a little cheese to make it filling, and a whole lot of flavor.

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

You’ve already stuffed our guests with wedding cake, but these little dessert bites are a good deal lighter and far more portable. They’re pretty simple–just alternated layers of strawberries, whipped cream, and shortcake, stuck on a shish kebab and presented for consumption. It’s got the refreshing taste of strawberry, plenty of sugar, and a little bit of carb to provide a perfect pick-me-up. There are even companies that sell sparklers for weddings that can be safely used with food so you could plunge one into each kabob and use them like a glorified birthday candle.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cups

You can always count on Paula Deen for filling, country-style snacks, and her mac ‘n’ cheese cups certainly fit the bill. Their Ritz-cracker crust makes them portable and easy to eat. They also have that built-in portion control that works so well for late-night snacks. And there are no utensils or plates involved–your guests can grab one, scarf it down, and be back on the dance floor in less than ten minutes.

Not all weddings go for the late-night snacks, but whenever they do make an appearance, the food’s always a hit with the guests. If you’re asking your guests to stay up past their bedtime dancing, make sure you’re providing the fuel to keep them going.

3 Tips for Brides With Children Wedding Guests!

So you have decided to invite some children wedding attendants to be in your wedding as flower girls, ring bearers or both! Fantastic, children add a very sweet element to every wedding as weddings are truly a celebration of family! Follow these 3 tips to help your little wedding attendants to have a great time and ensure your wedding guests enjoy your wedding too!


First, plan your wedding events at child-friendly times!

For example, if you want to have a candle light service in the summer at dusk, and your little 3 year old flower girl normally goes to bed at 7:30pm but the service starts at about 8:00pm, then consider changing your service time, or not choosing a child quite so young to participate in your wedding! It is simply not fair to your little flower girl to have such a big event taking place after her typical bedtime!

Remember, adults can easily change their sleep schedules for special events, but most children will need to keep their typical sleep schedules to be happy and content!

Second, make sure healthy snacks are available for children!

Once again, as adults, we are able to handle being hungry for a bit and just waiting for the meal to be served, but not children! So for your rehearsal dinner, make sure the restaurant will have a small snack (at least crackers or another snack food) for the little ones so they will not be tired and hungry waiting for the meal to be served!

This also holds true for the wedding! Once again, if you just ask your wedding venue to provide a small kid-friendly snack (or allow you to bring one in) everyone will be much happier!! The kids snack does not have to look make your wedding look cheap – click here to see an example of an attractive wedding snack for kids!

Finally, have something for your child wedding guests to do while the adults are enjoying conversation and toasts!!

Weddings are great fun for adults! We enjoy the decorations, seeing family and friends and just enjoying some down time to celebrate with the bride and groom, but children consider most of that “boring”!

So, adding some quiet table activities for the kids can be a lifesaver! Don’t feel like you need to host a carnival for them – but you need more than crayons and coloring pages (as kids see those items daily)! I recommend you having a few small, quiet toys such as finger puppets, puzzles, sticker sets and more!

At Kids Wedding Fun, we specialize in keeping kids entertained during the wedding reception so they won’t be poking at your cake and sliding on the dance floor! Check out our child wedding favors like our Wedding Table Activity Set for 6 kids that costs just $5 for each child!

Visit www.KidsWeddingFun.com for more hints and tips for brides planning a wedding when children will be invited as guests or in the wedding party!


Why Book a Wedding Videographer

There are many couples who regret not creating a wedding video for their wedding. Their pictures may be lovely and well done, but a well shot wedding video will capture the sights and sounds of the wedding day in a way that you cannot experience with wedding photography. Especially if you’re looking for the best wedding video in Cheshire.

If you are the kind of person who would love to re-live your wedding day, there is no better way than through a wedding video. Couples are able to see the joy in their friends and families faces, as well as hear their voices giving their congratulations or advice for a happy marriage. Some relatives will not be around forever, and while it is great to remember them with photos, a wedding video helps people hear their voices and see their mannerisms.
Sometimes couples have relatives that are unable to attend the wedding because of distance or even disability. If couples have decided on a wedding location where not everyone will be able to attend (or they have a small wedding by choice), a wedding videographer can capture the entire day and couples will be able to show the wedding to the family members or friends that were unable to make it so that they may feel like they were actually a part of it. In the same vein, it is easy to share your wedding video online with the use of an upload site.

The quality of wedding videography has greatly improved over the years. With the affordability of editing software and HD video cameras, couples do not have to worry that the quality of the video from their wedding will not be up to their expectations. As long as the proper research has been done to find a videographer that fits the couples budget and has a reputable portfolio, a couple will never regret spending the extra money.

Have Fun with Wedding Photo Booths


Weddings are meant to be happy occasions that provide fun to everyone, but many brides find that not everyone enjoys busting a move on the dance floor or talking to distant relatives for hours. Many weddings don’t offer much in the way of entertainment for young children who can lead to temper tantrums or important guests having to leave early. What is a bride to do? It is impossible to provide something fun for everyone, right? A new craze in the world of weddings may be the perfect solution for keeping your guests entertained as well as building memories of your wedding for the newlyweds.

Preserve all of the fun and fond memories of your wedding with a photo booth. Photo booth rental can be cheaper than a photographer and acts as a form of entertainment for your guests. Wedding photo booths are full of fun props and costumes that can allow your guests to have a great time and make some special memories of your wedding. Photo booths have become a very popular trend for wedding receptions. American and Canadian brides see all of the fun of having a photo booth.

A photo booth offers a fun experience for guests of all ages. While most photographers make the couple the focus of their photos, with a photo booth you can have copies of photos that show all the fun that your guests are having during the celebration of your nuptials. Most photo booth rental companies provide a variety of easy to put on costumes such as hats, sunglasses, boas, and flashy jewelry. If you are having a more laid back reception you can also encourage your friends and family to bring props or costumes. A wedding photo booth is the best of both worlds for your wedding reception as it allows you to have photos of your guests and offers lots of fun and laughs for your guests.

Another benefit of a photo booth at your wedding is that the instant photos of your guests can serve as practical wedding favors. Many wedding favors are either very impractical for guests or happen to be very expensive. The photos can serve as a memento of all of the fun that your guests had at your wedding and would be a great addition to their personal scrapbooks. If you have a website dedicated to your wedding or a personal blog, you can always post copies of the pictures from the photo booth on the site so that all of your friends and family can reminiscence and enjoy them with you. Photo booths are ideal for an indoor venue.

If you are interested in getting a photo booth for your reception ask around from other recently married friends, party planners, or asking around on local bridal blogs. For example, if you live in Ontario ask around about the large selection of photo booth Toronto & Photo Booth Ottawa companies that have to offer. Make mementos and memories with a professional photo booth. Discover all of the fun that you can have with a wedding photo booth.

The Five Coolest Wedding Venues in Minnesota

Okay, we admit that this topic is crazy specific. We know that there are millions of people in the U.S. who aren’t fortunate enough to live in the great state of Minnesota. But you can find a list of cool wedding venues in California or New York anywhere. For those of us who live in the land of 10,000 lakes, here are some fantastic wedding venues. For everyone else–drop by and check us out! Maybe a destination wedding is in the cards.

The Southern Theater, Minneapolis

There are plenty of beautiful old theaters in Minneapolis that have been restored to their former glory. What makes the Southern special is that it very specifically and aesthetically has not been restored. The whole place is in a state of elegant ruin (though all the electrical and lighting are modern and up to code). It’s like having your wedding in a picturesque post-apocalyptic setting; truly striking and overwhelmingly romantic. Great for drama kids who loved The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

The Lake Superior Railroad Museum, Duluth

From the outside, the old Lake Superior Railway Depot looks a bit like a medieval castle, all domes and turrets. Inside, there’s a cavernous space for your reception. Then go down a flight of stairs and see where the ceremonies take place: on an old railway platform between two vintage trains. It’s huge and echo-y and absolutely full of memories. Plus, there are at least five hotels within walking distance of the museum, all of them featuring dynamite views across Lake Superior. If you love trains and travel, it’s a fantastic destination.

Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul

This huge glass structure full of greenery is one of the most romantic wedding spots we’ve ever seen. Especially for a night-time, winter wedding–your guests arrive bundled up from the cold, only to step into gentle spring-time temperatures, surrounded by green and growing things, bathed in the gentle glow of white lights. If you want to have an indoor wedding that feels like an outdoor wedding, this is a fantastic venue. Plus, you can get special permission to use wedding sparklers in the conservatory for a small additional fee.

Lake Harriet Band-Shell, Minneapolis

For a big outdoor wedding, the band-shell and its amphitheater are a great choice. You can say your vows under the arch with a stunning view of the lake behind you, nestled like a jewel in the crown of downtown Minneapolis. The bride and groom can leave the ceremony by pedal boat. It’s perfect for a summer wedding or even early fall, when you’ll be surrounded by a riot of red and orange from the changing leaves.

Carlson Center, Minnetonka

The Carlson Company has a huge campus in Minnetonka. There are two copper skyscrapers, and in between there’s a vast lobby decked out in brass, glass, and marble. You can choose to be married in the central atrium, surrounded by elegance, or out on the velvet-green lawns around their private lake (complete with fountain and lightshow). What we’re trying to get at here is the Carlson is unbelievably swanky, perfect for a large wedding.

So if you live in Minnesota, consider giving one of these five great wedding venues a try. And if you don’t live in Minnesota, we’re not judging you–but we do feel a little sorry for you.

Rock Star Wedding Stationery at Barooo

baroooarticleimgInspired by a small Jack Russell dog named Bentley who loves to howl, Barooo is a wedding stationery house carefully crafting luxurious designs that stand out from the rest. Just like Bentley who howls to get your attention, Barooo wedding stationery is full of personality and will create a lasting impression – like a Rock Star.

Barooo likes to do things differently. With their Bespoke Custom Service, they will work closely with you in order to create a unique design that captures the vision and spirit of your special occasion. No detail is too small, no question too insignificant, no idea too silly. The Barooo team will sniff and prod until they feel as though they have gotten inside your head and can deliver a wedding stationery design that is at Rock Star level.

Or maybe you want something off the rack? Barooo’s Prêt-À-Printer portfolio of pre-designed templates is a yummy option for those who prefer browsing, and who need to work within a budget. Peruse over 200 templates of invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, and even entire wedding stationery suites. What’s even better? All of these templates can be customized just for you! You can change colors, text and even the layout. Just ask, the Barooo team would be more than happy to accommodate any of your needs.

Barooo understands that everyone wants to feel like a Rock Star on their wedding day, and will do anything to help make this happen.

Barooo. Rock Star Wedding Stationery.


Shop for Your Wedding Night and Honeymoon at the Pajama Shoppe

When it comes to that special wedding night that you’ve been anxiously anticipating, you will want to wear exquisite bridal lingerie that will complement this joyful occasion and set the tone for your marriage for years to come! The Bridal Shoppe, a division of the Pajama Shoppe, features some of the most exquisite peignoir sets, bridal nightgowns, and lingerie available today by designers such as In-Bloom by Jonquil, Linda Hartman, Dreamgirl, Mystique Intimates, Rhonda Shear, and many others sized from X-Small to 4X.

If you are wondering what lingerie will be right for your special occasion, this really depends on your personal bridalrobe_K035_mainpreference. Brides may traditionally wear white, but ivory has become a very popular and exquisite color for bridal and honeymoon lingerie. Features like sheer lace or satin fabric give your lingerie an even more appealing aura, or you may want to choose an exquisite silk peignoir set or gown! Or a bridal chemise or babydoll pajama will give you an even more flirty and alluring look for your special wedding night or honeymoon!

Also, if you are looking for fabulous bridal shower and wedding gifts, the Pajama Shoppe has a nice selection that will fit any budget! They will even gift wrap your gift for a nominal cost of $8.95 per gift! And don’t worry about ordering in advance, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your gift can be returned within 30 days for a full refund or exchange, or after 30 days for a merchandise certificate for the amount of your purchase.

Make sure you visit the Pajama Shoppe’s Bridal Shoppe to select your exquisite bridal lingerie! And for even more of a bonus, right now, the Pajama Shoppe is featuring a 20% off sitewide sale!

The Answers Behind Some Common Wedding Traditions

bridesouthBy Margaret Gilchrist – Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC

The basis of superstition is a need for control or certainty even if it is a false certainty. Even in situations where one is completely prepared as best as possible, there is still an uncertainty of things occurring beyond one’s control. Traditions based on superstitions provide people with a certain level of comfort knowing that they have done one more thing to ensure the outcome that they are expecting.

Tradition 1: Something old; Something new; Something borrowed; Something Blue; Place a sixpence in her shoe.

Something old reflects the desire of the couple to keep connections with their families after their marriage.

Something new symbolizes the creation of a new union that will endure forever and looking to the future for health, happiness and success.

Something borrowed allows the bride’s family or friends an opportunity to lend something special as a token of their love.

Something blue is a symbol of fidelity and constancy.

A silver sixpence in her shoe will bring her a life filled with good fortune.

Tradition 2: Tossing of the bride’s bouquet and garter started as a distraction for the wedding guests. During Medieval times, it was considered lucky to get a piece of the bride’s dress so after the ceremony; many of the guests would rip pieces of the dress. Presently, the bouquet and garter are tossed to the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes and the ones that catch them are said to get married next (not necessarily to each other!).

Tradition 3: The groom is not to see the bride until after the wedding. This custom came about during the time of arranged marriages. The father of the bride feared that if the groom found the girl unattractive that he may call off the wedding shaming the bride and her family. Presently, many believe that it make the day more exciting and memorable.

Tradition 4: Wearing of the veil started in ancient Rome, where the bride wore a veil down the aisle to protect her from evil spirits and the “evil eye” that would be jealous of her happiness.

Tradition 5: Chiming wedding bells were a tradition of Irish weddings to keep evil spirits away and to ensure a harmonious family life.

Tradition 6: Wedding dresses should be white. Actually, before Queen Victoria in the 19th century donned the first white wedding dress, brides wore their best dress and used an old poem that was passed down through the ages:

Married in white, you will have chosen right

Married in grey, you will go far away

Married in black, you will wish yourself back

Married in red, you will wish yourself dead

Married in blue, you will always be true

Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl

Married in green, you’re ashamed to be seen

Married in yellow, you’re ashamed of your fellow

Married in brown, you’ll live out of town

Married in pink, your spirits will sink.

Most modern brides choose white dresses and then select a color scheme based on their favorite colors. The most important thing to remember is that on that day you are front and center, so be sure that whatever your choices are that you feel confident and beautiful…then you will glow regardless!

Jazz up your wedding with live music

about-banner-1Having live music at your wedding can really help to make the day feel extra special and to set the atmosphere for your family and guests.

Many couples opt for a DJ in the evening due to the range of songs that they can cover to please the entire age range of your guests. But there’s a growing trend in having live musicians performing when your guests are arriving at the reception venue after the ceremony.

This is the perfect opportunity for a pianist or small jazz trio to play for a couple of hours to fill the room with soft music whilst your guests are sipping champagne and eating canapés. They won’t be too overpowering and will allow your guests to talk amongst themselves, whilst the band fills any awkward silences.

It is best to pick a background band without a vocalist, as this will help to avoid clashing with your guest’s conversations. It will also assist in keeping the volume low, as the band will not need a PA system and setup time is greatly reduced. Remember that the band is there to provide a low level of music rather than take over the party!

As a good example, we found this Devon Jazz Band in the UK who fit the bill perfectly. They play a variety of jazz from the 1920s to modern day and even mix chart pop songs into their sets – making sure that the younger guests can recognize tunes. The band has performed for celebrity chefs, but the majority of their time is spent playing at weddings throughout the UK.